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Mother of Eliana, Scoliosis Surgery Testimonial…

Read this Scoliosis Surgery Testimonial from the Mother of Scoliosis Surgery Patient

eliana-jumpingOur daughter, Eliana (Read Daughter’s Testimonial), had double ASC surgery with Dr. Antonacci, Dr.Betz, and Dr. Cuddihy on November 24, 2014.  She was diagnosed with an “S” curve.  Her Cobb angles were 59 Thoracic and 56 Lumbar.

While looking for alternatives to fusion online we came across the website for The Institute for Spine and Scoliosis.  We are so grateful we found them so early on and for everything they have done for us. Dr. Betz is the most patient surgeon I have ever met!  He quietly and confidently answered every question I could think to ask him during a 90-minute consult.   Janet Cerrone took me under her wing, calmed me down, and let me know we could get through this.  Scoliosis is a horribly scary journey but with the team of professionals at the Institute on our side, it finally felt manageable.

The surgeons at the Institute for Spine and Scoliosis are incredibly skilled and knowledgeable. They are also genuinely concerned for their patients. I expected them to correct my daughter’s spine as they said they would. (They definitely delivered on that one!)  Her curves coming out of surgery were 18 Thoracic and 16 Lumbar. They also did many things I did NOT expect.

Learn how Anterior Scoliosis Correction (ASC) works and how it provides flexibility benefits over traditional fusion treatments.

I did not expect Dr.Betz to give me his personal cell phone number so I could call him should we have any concerns after the surgery. I did not expect to have, either Dr. Antonacci, Dr. Betz, or Dr. Cuddihy checking on our daughter each and every day while she was in the hospital. I did not expect Joel to give up his Thanksgiving so he could check on our daughter even though she was doing well. He even brought her a NY-style bagel because he remembered that she said she wanted to try one and he knew she wasn’t eating. Finally, when I sent an e-mail to Janet 8 weeks after surgery that I was worried because my daughter was feeling lethargic, I did not expect to get an e-mail back from Janet within 10 minutes and a text message from Dr. Betz within 20 with instructions on what to do.  Janet then followed up with a phone call to make sure that we understood everything and that Eliana was doing well. I was in awe at the level of care she received during this entire journey. If I had to go through this all again I wouldn’t change a thing. I am so grateful for everything Dr. Antonacci, Dr. Betz, Dr. Cuddihy, Janet, and Joel did, and continue to do for my daughter and my family.

The care my daughter received at the Institute for Spine and Scoliosis has been exceptional in every way.  I owe each person on this team more than I could ever re-pay. They have given our daughter her future back.

Thank You,

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