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What is ASC?

Anterior Scoliosis Correction: by Drs. ABC

3D Targeted & Active Correction - MOBILITY - SPORTS - RESTORATION

M. Darryl Antonacci MD
M. Darryl Antonacci MD, FACS
Chief Spine Surgeon & Director
Specialist in Pediatric &Adult

Scoliosis is a spine deformity where the spine twists and curves in shape.  Without proper intervention, scoliosis typically worsens over time. Since the 1960’s metal rod fusion has been the primary treatment, but even today the surgery is essentially unchanged, and posterior metal rod surgery literally and functionally destroys your spinal disks and back muscles 100% completely.   You only move above or below the rigid metal rod.   It’s time to MOVE on.  ASC by Drs. ABC is now the proven surgical technique that keeps you moving, saving your spinal disks, and saving your back (paraspinal) muscles 100% completely,  revolutionizing scoliosis treatment.

What is ASC by Drs. ABC? It is NOT VBT (which has high revision rates). It is NOT posterior metal rod fusion (which 100% destroys your spinal disks and back (paraspinal) muscle function).  ASC by Drs. ABC is a traditional anterior approach and is a multi-year, multi- generational advancement of this specifically in the hands of Drs. ABC, who pioneered it. ASC by Drs. ABC is a traditional but modified anterior scoliosis correction approach. It provides for an active 3D correction (untwisting the twist), that completely (100%) spares your back muscles at the same time. ASC by Drs. ABC has evolved from the techniques of spinal fusion, stapling, and tethering, but now it is so much more… like current iPhones are relative to the rotary phone or flip phone. ASC by Drs. ABC has proven success now for children and adults with medium or large curves.  Get your case reviewed by us. 

ASC is Not VBT

ASC (Anterior Scoliosis Correction) vs VBT (Vertebral Body Tethering)

How Is
ASC Different From VBT?

ASC Corrects the Curve AND the Twist in complex Scoliosis…

VBT is an anterior technique for treating scoliosis but it relies on the effects of natural spinal growth because it provides only partial correction. A tether is used to hold the spine around 25-30 degrees. This form of spine straightening surgery is only performed on patients with small curves (65° or below), flexible curves, and incomplete spinal growth.  Unfortunately, it is a very limited procedure applying to only about 10% of scoliosis patients, but even in this group has reported revision rates between 15 and 30%.  Additionally, it has been demonstrated that VBT provides very limited de-rotation of the scoliosis– meaning it is essentially a limited 2D correction.  The limitation of the correction leads to high revision rates for the surgery. 



Curve 40-65 degreesYesYes
Flexible CurvesYesYes
Growing SpineYesYes
Curves over 65 degreesYesNo
Stiff CurvesYesNo
Mature AdolescentsYesNo
Adult CurvesYesNo
Complex CurvesYesNo
*uniquely pioneered by Drs. ABC

With so many downsides to posterior metal rod surgery or VBT, it became clear that an advancement was needed.  For this reason, Dr. Antonacci, Dr. Betz, and Dr. Cuddihy pioneered the advancement of anterior scoliosis correction using the traditional approach to anterior scoliosis surgery but with modern modifications.  

ASC Surgery for Adults

Teenagers with unsuccessful brace treatment or those who refused to have posterior metal rod surgery grow up to be adults with the residual effects of adolescent scoliosis. This may include posture imbalance, daily nagging discomfort, dissatisfaction with their back appearance, and fear of curve progression. Many have been waiting for a way to help them improve their quality of life! These healthy adults can now benefit from ASC by Drs. ABC.  Each case is individually reviewed.  Adult onset scoliosis due with advanced spinal degeneration (typically adults over 55) is NOT appropriate for ASC surgery.

ASC Surgery for Children and Adolescents

Pediatric scoliosis is a condition in which a child’s spine develops an abnormal curve or rotation. If not corrected, the condition can worsen as the child ages. For this reason, early detection and treatment are vital. Dr. Antonacci specializes in ASC surgery for children and has years of experience correcting spinal abnormalities in growing adolescents. He is ready to review your child’s case and recommend an effective treatment plan.

The Flexible Solution

ASC (Anterior Scoliosis Correction) provides a flexible approach to correcting scoliosis

Find Out if Advanced Spinal Surgery for Scoliosis Is Right for You

Drs. ABC at the Institute for Spine & Scoliosis are the most qualified and experienced scoliosis surgeons in the world. They have successfully corrected hundreds of cases of scoliosis in children and adults using Dr. Antonaicci’s innovative anterior scoliosis correction technique. You can review before and after-surgery photos for a glimpse of this technique at work or request to have your case personally reviewed by Dr. A. We would be happy to help you determine if you would be a good candidate for ASC. Contact us today!

ASC Scoliosis Cases From Around The World…

From Princeton to Dubai, our ASC family is from all around the globe.

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