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Scoliosis Surgery: Before and After Photos

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Anterior Scoliosis Correction (ASC) surgeries performed on adults and children

* refers specifically to ASC – cord cases as pioneered by Drs. ABC. The doctors have years and thousands of cases of experience in spine and scoliosis surgery, anterior and posterior.

Typical Posterior Metal Rod Fusion

This scoliosis surgery patient had a posterior fusion with metal rods to correct his scoliosis. Typical results of posterior fusion surgery are a very straight back, with a long linear scar. His remaining mobility only exists in the area below the rods, near his waist. Recovery is typically 6-9 months long.

Male Patient on Left in video

Female Patient on Right in video

Typical Anterior Double ASC

The scoliosis surgery patient here had a Double Anterior Scoliosis Correction (ASC). Her smaller scars are located on either side of her body, hidden under her arms. Notice her normal-appearing spine, shoulder, and waist symmetry. Also, observe the unrestricted range of motion compared to metal rod fusion. Typical scoliosis surgery recovery time for ASC is 6 weeks.

ASC Surgery: Before and After Photos

Before and After Scoliosis Surgery Photos

Has your doctor recommended surgery to correct your scoliosis? While surgery isn’t necessary for every case, it may be helpful depending on the severity of the scoliotic curve, the patient’s age and symptoms, and the scoliosis progression rate. If you’re wondering if surgery is the right option, it may be helpful to look at scoliosis surgery before and after photos.

Shown here are ASC surgery before and after pictures of patients of different ages and with varying curve types (single, double, complex). If you’re interested in learning more about ASC surgery and your eligibility for treatment, reach out to the expert clinicians at the Institute for Spine & Scoliosis today.

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What Is the Average Scoliosis Surgery Recovery Time?

If our scoliosis surgery before and after photos sparked your interest in anterior scoliosis correction, you might be wondering what the recovery time looks like for this type of procedure. ASC is a minimally invasive procedure that accesses the patient’s spine through their ribs. During this procedure, the muscles are separated rather than cut to minimize recovery time. As a result, the skin incisions are small and heal with minimal scarring. Due to this minimally invasive technique, patients can expect to see amazing scoliosis surgery results within weeks (rather than months compared to spinal fusion surgery). Overall, most patients are able to return to full activities six to eight weeks after surgery. However, recovery time and results will vary on a per-case basis, so consult your doctor before starting any activities.

What to Know Before and After Scoliosis Surgery

While our scoliosis surgery before and after photos show the amazing benefits of ASC, they do not give you the full picture of scoliosis treatment. Before undergoing surgery, the patient will undergo a pulmonary function test and a series of X-rays to test the functionality of their lungs and the flexibility of their spinal curve. Based on this information, the spinal surgeon will recommend the best form of treatment and further explain what to expect before and after scoliosis surgery. After surgery, patients typically follow a recovery timeline similar to this:
  • Day of the Surgery: The patient’s medical team will conduct more X-rays to record the change in the spinal curve. A physical therapist will help the patient work through daily activities and breathing exercises.
  • Three to Five Days Post-Surgery: The patient is discharged from the hospital and able to go home.
  • One to Two Weeks Post-Surgery: The patient feels “back to normal” but still has some limitations.
  • Two to Four Weeks Post-Surgery: The patient can return to work or school. At the two-week mark, the patient will have a physical therapy appointment to evaluate their range of motion and strength. If needed, further physical therapy will be recommended. For the first four weeks after surgery, the patient should plan on taking it easy.
  • Four to Six Weeks Post-Surgery: The patient may be cleared to return to normal daily activities four to six weeks after surgery but should plan on having some movement restrictions as recommended by their doctor.
  • Six to Twelve Weeks Post-Surgery: During this timeframe, a patient’s doctor may give them the green light to resume playing certain sports and activities.
It’s important to note that scoliosis surgery results and timelines will vary on a case-by-case basis, so you must follow your doctor’s specific instructions.

Learn More About Scoliosis Surgery Today

Anterior scoliosis correction is a dynamic and minimally invasive procedure designed to preserve the spine’s mobility and flexibility. At the Institute of Spine & Scoliosis, we have performed hundreds of successful surgeries for scoliosis patients worldwide. Our scoliosis surgery before and after photos showcase the effectiveness of the procedure and why people choose this treatment over VBT and spinal fusion. For more information about the differences between VBT vs. ASC or to get your case reviewed by Dr. Antonacci himself, reach out to our experienced clinicians today!

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