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Scoliosis spine surgeons Drs. ABC are the most qualified and experienced in the world when it comes to ASC surgery.  In fact, they pioneered it.

To request a scoliosis case review from Dr. Antonacci and his team, please fill out our comprehensive form below. After review, a staff member will contact you (typically within 48 hours) for more information about your situation.  If deemed a candidate for ASC by Drs. ABC, a courtesy phone consultation with Dr. Betz shall be arranged, and if proceeding with surgery, a courtesy zoom consultation with Dr. Antonacci shall be scheduled.  

Although Dr. Antonacci and his team focus primarily on scoliosis and kyphosis, they have years of experience in spondylolisthesis as well, so don’t hesitate to reach out for more information on Dr.  Antonacci’s less invasive approach to spondylolisthesis. The practice does not perform surgery for adult degenerative spine problems such as back pain, herniated disc disease, cervical or lumbar stenosis.  Intakes of this nature shall not be addressed. 

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Russ Rowgo
Russ Rowgo
Our family cannot thank these doctors enough. They are simply miracle workers. We have been very happy with our son's care after his 78/50 degree scoliosis was corrected. If you are considering any form of scoliosis treatment or know someone who is, you must consider this team!
Geraldine Tama
Geraldine Tama
My daughter is 4 months post op and we are very happy with the results and the care she received from Drs. ABC.
Lisa Smoot
Lisa Smoot
This group of surgeons are the greatest! They are experts and very helpful through out the whole process. My daughter is approaching her 1 year post ASC surgery and she is doing great. No pain and went from 60+ lumbar and 48 thoracic curves to 7.8 lumbar and 13.7 thoracic. I am so thankful for this group of surgeons!
Gil Hirsch
Gil Hirsch
Hands down the most talented, pioneering, thoughtful, and professional team for scoliosis correction. Our daughter was diagnosed with a 47deg Scoliosis at age 11. After meeting with many fine professionals, all recommending old-style fusion surgeries, we met with Dr. Betz and his team who offered an advanced approach (Anterior Scoliosis Correction), which keeps the spine flexible, with much quicker recovery time (2w out of bed, ~2mo for complete recovery), minimal scarring, and zero pain/discomfort post recovery. The team's bedside manners are amazing, before, during hospitalization, and after. Their support team is just as amazing, which is super appreciated with all the parental stress they have to deal with. Highly recommended.
Anne Strominger
Anne Strominger
The Institute for Spine and Scoliosis performed a truly miraculous surgery for my teenage son. Drs. Antonacci, Betz & Cuddihy are not only extremely talented leaders in their field, they are incredibly kind and caring. Such a rare combination these days, and we are forever thankful we found them!
Jodi Crego
Jodi Crego
We coudn' be happier with our decision to haven't our daughter's surgery with the ABC team. The hospital nurses and staff were amazing and the surgery was more successful than we imagined. We are 4 months post surgery and my daughter is doing great. She was back to school after 4 weeks and back to running after 6 weeks. We are very thankful to have found this fusion-less option.
Rachel Weaver
Rachel Weaver
This team is the best of the best!! From the moment I got the call that my daughter was a candidate, to the consult, through the surgery and recovery, and now 3 months post op they have held our hand the entire way! My daughter had double ASC with almost perfect results! We are thrilled and so grateful!!!
Diane Payne
Diane Payne
This group of doctors cares about every patient as if they were their own family. We couldn't be more pleased with the results of our daughters surgery.
Karen Lavin
Karen Lavin
Wonderful team of Dr.'s who have changed our daughter's life. There is a unique ability to explain the procedure and what to expect from beginning to end and the personal connection and availability is unmatched. We have been up and down the east coast and these doctors are, from our experience are the best. We are so blessed to have found them.

Preparing for Your Scoliosis Consultation and Appointment

After submitting your scoliosis case for review, if you are deemed a candidate for ASC by Drs. ABC, one of our team members will contact you.   If you are not able to visit in person, you shall receive a courtesy phone consultation with Dr. Betz.  After that consultation, if you are still a candidate for surgery, you shall receive a courtesy zoom consultation with Dr. Antonacci. 

Of course, in person visits are always welcome as well:

Once the appointment is on the calendar, you can do a few things in preparation for the initial visit. First, gather any pertinent medical records, X-rays, and MRIs.  Our staff will guide you on this process.  Then, be sure to have your insurance card on hand if you would like to file insurance claims directly.

In person visits are typical format with a review of your medical history and a physical exam. Based on the results of your scoliosis case review and medical history, this exam may include a rotation assessment (for scoliosis patients) or a kyphosis/forward bend test (for hyperkyphosis patients). At this point in the spine consultation, we will also typically take a radiation-free photo scan of your back to analyze the curvature of your spine (like contour mapping).

Finally, we will go over your treatment options and provide an in-depth look at how the operation will progress. If you have any questions about the procedure, we would be more than happy to answer them during your consultation appointment.

Before you leave, we will do our best to ensure you understand your next steps and how you can properly prepare for the day of surgery.

Start Your Journey Toward a Better Future by Requesting a Scoliosis Case Review Today

At the Institute of Spine & Scoliosis, we have treated hundreds of cases of scoliosis with our 100% back muscle sparing surgery. Our before and after-surgery and our published data, on the efficacy of ASC by Drs. ABC can help you see if it’s  the right choice for you. To find out if you would be a good candidate for ASC by Dr. ABC, fill out our case review form with as much detail as possible. Dr. Antonacci’s team will personally review your case, and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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