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Grants & Research

Many of the best professional research associations, medical centers, universities and other charitable resources have bestowed grants on Dr. Antonacci’s research projects, enabling him to remain at the forefront of spinal studies, including new treatments and trials.



  1. $150,000: Shriners Hospital For Children, for Spinal Cord Injury Research (2005)
  2. $25,000: Shriners Hospital For Children, for Spinal Cord Injury Research (2003)
  3. $40,000: Parviz Kambin Research Endowment Fund (1999-2001)
  4. $30,000: Cervical Spine Research Society. Spinal Cord Injury Research (December 2000)

Current Research

  1. Transplantation of genetically modified cells and autologous cells in spinal cord injury
  2. Marrow stromal cell transplants in SCI, animal model
  3. Clinical protocol for marrow stromal cell transplants in complete thoracic pediatric chronic SCI
  4. ProNeuron, Co-investigator. Macrophage transplants in Acute SCI
  5. Minimally Invasive Spinal Fusion using the Viper


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