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Dr. Antonacci continues to pursue new avenues for treating and preventing spinal disorders, and is frequently published for his groundbreaking findings in the leading medical journals and other publications.


Many of the best professional research associations, medical centers, universities and other charitable resources have bestowed grants on Dr. Antonacci’s research projects, enabling him to remain at the forefront of spinal studies, including new treatments and trials.


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Publications in Preparation

  1. Antonacci, M.D., Hanson, D.S., Mody, D.R. and Heggeness, M.H.: A Histologic Study of the Vertebral Endplate.
  2. Antonacci, M.D., Mody, D.R., and Heggeness, M.H.: Histology of Osteophyte Formations in Human Vertebral Bone.
  3. Antonacci, M.D., Jean-Manuel Nothias, Catherine Humphreys, Alan Tessler, M.D., Itzhak Fisher, Ph.D., and Marion Murray, Ph.D.: Axonal Regeneration Using Transplants of Genetically Engineered Fibroblasts in Spinal Cord Injury.
  4. Riley, L., Antonacci, M.D., and Eismont, F.J.: Treatment of Post-irradiated Spinal Infections.
  5. Antonacci, M.D., Jean-Manuel Nothias, Tom Parks, Chris Cawley, Marion Murray, Ph.D. Transplants of Unmodified Human Bone Marrow Stromal Cells in a Collagen Matrix Support Brainstem-Spinal Axonal Regeneration Across Complete Spinal Cord Transections.

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