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Spine and Scoliosis Surgeons Serving Patients From San Diego, CA

Our team of spine and scoliosis surgeons are true experts in their field, dedicated to providing exceptional surgical support for people of all ages with scoliosis. At the renowned Institute for Spine and Scoliosis, you’ll have the privilege of partnering with our award-winning team, who are committed to revolutionizing scoliosis treatment for years to come.

With Dr. Antonacci at the helm, our specialized care includes innovative ASC surgery, along with cutting-edge tools, techniques, and data analysis to gain a thorough understanding of the severity of your scoliosis. Whether you’re dealing with idiopathic scoliosis, congenital scoliosis, or any other type, our revolutionary ASC surgery will kick your recovery into overdrive.

To learn more about our surgical procedure or the team you can trust for treating scoliosis, look to our experienced spine and scoliosis surgeons serving patients in San Diego, CA. Don’t hesitate to complete our form today to schedule an evaluation directly with Dr. Antonacci and begin your healing journey.

Anterior Scoliosis Correction Surgery for Patients From San Diego, CA

Dr. Antonacci has pioneered the development and perfection of anterior scoliosis correction surgery. It’s a remarkable approach that supports a broader range of patients with challenging spinal conditions. By opting for this surgery, patients will open the doors to a much easier recovery process and a more guaranteed result for reversing scoliosis. Recovery time is simplified, you’ll experience less blood loss, and our procedure requires much less invasive treatments. ASC surgery has 3 patents backing its success, and Dr. Antonacci and the team only focus on ASC surgery, meaning you’ll receive comprehensive care that you can’t find anywhere else in the world! Our dedication to providing the best solutions for degenerative scoliosis and its various forms has made our anterior scoliosis correction surgery for patients from San Diego, CA, the best procedure available today. If you’re interested in learning more, we encourage you to reach out to our expert spine and scoliosis surgeons who serve patients from San Diego, CA.

Scoliosis Surgery for International Patients and Patients From San Diego, CA

Our world-renowned scoliosis surgeons have been providing top-notch scoliosis surgery for international patients and those from San Diego, CA, for numerous years. Led by the esteemed Dr. Antonacci and his exceptional team, patients from around the world have flocked to get firsthand experience of the amazing talent possessed by our spine surgeons. We offer a wide range of solutions for spinal deformity, including cutting-edge advancements like ASC surgery, as well as less invasive methods and the utilization of advanced medical technology in partnership with prestigious medical facilities.

International patients can place their trust in our dedicated spine and scoliosis surgeons, who proudly serve patients from San Diego, CA, offering surgical treatment and a comprehensive array of remedies that ensure they return home in a significantly improved state. Get a personalized solution, regardless of your place of origin, with the renowned Institute for Spine and Scoliosis.

ASC Surgery for Children, Adolescents, and Adults From San Diego, CA

ASC surgery is a revolutionary spinal procedure that offers a multitude of advantages. This highly versatile surgery benefits patients of all ages, from children to adults and adolescents. It is no wonder that physicians and doctors worldwide turn to Dr. Antonacci and his ASC surgery as a reliable solution for their patients. If you are seeking top-notch ASC surgery for individuals of all ages in San Diego, look to the trusted team at the Institute for Spine and Scoliosis.

ASC Surgery for Children From San Diego, CA

ASC surgery leverages the power of child development to rejuvenate the spine. Our surgeons skillfully correct curvature and utilize children’s natural growth to enhance the procedure’s intended objectives. With its minimal invasiveness, this surgery offers an exceptional solution for children at least 3 years of age with significant spinal curves of over 40 degrees. Surgery can be an anxiety-inducing experience for parents, guardians, and children alike, but we prioritize your peace of mind by maintaining transparency at every step of the surgical journey. Prepare to embark on a transformative path towards a healthier and happier spine with our ASC surgery for children.

ASC Surgery for Adolescents From San Diego, CA

We are pleased to offer surgery for Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis (AIS) for individuals residing in San Diego, CA. AIS is a condition that can significantly impact the lives of adolescents, potentially causing long-term challenges. However, there is hope with our patented ASC surgery that young patients with scoliosis can enjoy a positive and bright future.

We will take the time to explain every aspect of the surgery, ensuring you feel confident in the steps that need to be taken before, during, and after the procedure. Dr. Antonacci focuses heavily on his ASC surgical techniques, helping to maintain motion in adolescents and fixing twists, curves, and everything that scoliosis can do to your spine. Many patients with scoliosis may not be advised to have a spinal fusion, leaving them feeling without solid options for their condition. But with the Institute for Spine and Scoliosis, we make sure to deliver a solution that’s accessible to many.

ASC Surgery for Adults From San Diego, CA

Adolescents who opt out of spinal procedures, struggle to break bad habits, or find brace treatments ineffective, often face long-term spinal problems in adulthood. However, our ASC surgery offers a solution to reverse the persistent discomfort and dissatisfaction caused by these curved spines. This transformative procedure not only enhances your quality of life as you age but also ensures future happiness and enjoyment. Get in touch with our expert spine and scoliosis surgeons, serving patients from San Diego, CA, today to delve deeper into this life-changing opportunity.

*ASC surgery is ideal for patients from ages 3 to their mid 50’s. Patients older than 55 are encouraged to contact the team for additional details on the potential impact of the procedure.*

Partner With the Leading Spine and Scoliosis Surgeons Serving Patients From San Diego, CA

Dealing with spinal deformities can be incredibly challenging. That’s why, at the Institute for Spine and Scoliosis, we are here to provide you with tailored solutions to help you overcome these difficulties. With our industry-changing ASC surgery and other innovative options, we strive to give you the comfort and peace of mind you truly deserve. Led by the renowned Dr. Antonacci, our doctors possess the necessary tools and expertise to guide you on the path to recovery, ensuring a high-quality treatment plan for your spinal deformity.

New spine and scoliosis patients should feel free to reach out to us today. We will happily provide you with all the information you need, and you can even have your case personally reviewed by Dr. Antonacci himself. Take the first step towards your recovery journey now!

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