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Ava Unflat – Musical Talent…

After Ava’s ASC surgery, she went right back to playing guitar and piano…

Meet Ava. Following her diagnosis, Ava dedicated significant time to try and correct her curve but scoliosis continued to progress. After Ava’s ASC surgery, she went right back to playing guitar and piano. At 5 months post-surgery, she rode every ride at Disneyland and had an absolute blast!

Ava Unflat is a true musical talent. The 18-year-old from Austin, Texas is an accomplished musician. She was diagnosed with scoliosis in April 2018 at the age of 15. At the beginning of her scoliosis journey, Ava was determined to fix her curve by attending regular chiropractic appointments and trying various exercises. The exercises were extremely uncomfortable, and unfortunately, Ava’s curve was still progressing. After multiple doctor’s appointments and various medical opinions, Ava and her family were told that the only solution would be to get surgery. Ava consulted directly with Dr. Antonacci and his team and decided to move forward with her Anterior Scoliosis Correction ( surgery. She felt extremely comfortable at her consultation and notes that the team was very informative. This made her feel hopeful and eased her mind prior to surgery. Her surgery took place on February 28th, 2019. At the time of her surgery, Ava’s curve was at 52 degrees; now her curve is 12 degrees. Both Ava and her family are very happy that they went ahead with the ASC surgery. Two months post-surgery, Ava began to play her guitar and piano again. At five months post-surgery, Ava went to Disneyland and rode every attraction. Ava has completely regained her self-confidence. She no longer has to live with chronic pain and there is no holding her back.

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