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Emma Hyde – Flexible Dance Spirit…

Emma has healed both physically and psychologically. Laura adds, after years of challenges, I have my daughter back.

Emma Hyde and her twin brother, eight, of Oswego New York, were at a well-child checkup when Emma’s scoliosis was detected. Her brother did the exam first with no issues. When Emma bent over, her mother Laura gasped. Diagnosed with a 10 – 12-degree curve, Emma was immediately referred to an orthopedic. A growth spurt when she was ten made her scoliosis worse. Emma was determined to do all she could do and spent the next four years wearing a brace 23 hours a day.

A competitive dancer, cross country runner, and theatre enthusiast, Emma’s activities were profoundly affected. She also began to withdraw socially. When her curve reached 42 degrees, her doctor suggested fusion surgery. Emma and her family wanted other options.

They learned about Dr. Antonacci and Anterior Scoliosis Correction (ASC) and felt it might be a better option for Emma. At the initial pre-testing consultation, it was discovered that one of Emma’s lungs was being crowded and was partially deflated. Emma was fifteen when she had her ASC surgery in November 2018.

Six weeks post-surgery, Emma was doing physical therapy and had resumed dance classes. At eight weeks, she participated in a talent show. At four months she participated in her first dance competition. Emma is also committed to raising awareness about ASC, putting up flyers in the tri-state area as well as educating orthopedics, pediatricians, and chiropractors about scoliosis treatment options.

Emma, whose middle name is Rose, decided that she wants to eventually get a small rose tattoo on her scar. Laura notes that it wasn’t until Emma began talking about the tattoo that she started opening up about her scoliosis voyage. Emma has healed both physically and psychologically. Laura adds, after years of challenges, I have my daughter back.

After ASC Scoliosis Surgery
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