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Lucy Hewitson – Avid Equitation & Water Sports Enthusiast…

From 60° Curve to 16° Curve

By 12 weeks she was riding again and after her last x-ray, Lucy has made some incredible progress!

Lucy Hewitson who lives outside London, England, is an avid equestrian and water sports enthusiast.

It wasn’t until her scoliosis diagnosis at age 12 that her mother Jo realized that this was the reason, she couldn’t put both her heels down when riding. She also sometimes struggled to breathe during intense physical activity.

Jo immediately began researching treatment options for scoliosis. She discovered Dr. Antonacci and  ASC (Anterior Scoliosis Correction).

Prior to her surgery, Lucy’s curve was 60 degrees. Six months after her diagnosis at age 13, Lucy underwent the procedure in the United States. She was able to fly home after three weeks and by 12 weeks she was riding again. After her last x-ray, Lucy has made some incredible progress, and her curve now measures at around 10 degrees. Lucy is currently training to be a dentist.

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