Madeline Sweeney MSN, APN, CPNP

Madeline Sweeney
Madeline Sweeney

Madeline Sweeney is the nurse practitioner at the Institute for Spine & Scoliosis.

 She prepares patients for surgery by scheduling their surgery, ordering their pre-operative testing, and helping with all pre-surgery logistics. Madeline also works with Dr. Cuddihy while patients are hospitalized, and provides follow-up care post-operatively, as well as conducts weekly X-ray follow-ups for post-operative X-rays.

Madeline Sweeney was a PICU nurse at St. Peter’s for many years and took care of hundreds of Dr ABC patients as a nurse. She received her BSN from the College of New Jersey. Madeline worked in pediatric critical care and pediatric solid organ transplant, with her MSN from Seton Hall University, with a concentration in Pediatric Primary Care.

More ABout Madeline Sweeney

She loves to read, travel, ride my Peloton, and garden. Next time you talk with her, let her know what you are reading and ask to see photos of her garden.

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