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Surfing After Scoliosis Surgery…

Hi everyone. We’ve been meaning to post a few pictures/videos of our twin sons. They live to surf and ski so naturally, there was a great deal of apprehension. We met with three surgeons before, by the grace of God, we found Drs. ABC. After meeting with Dr. Antonacci and Dr. Cuddihy it all changed. When we left the office, we asked the boys what they thought about everything and they said, “them for sure, they’re the real deal – when can we do it?”

Surfing After Scoliosis Surgery 1

The boys had successful surgeries last February and they were back out in the water surfing 45 days later!

We can not say enough about every aspect of our experience Dr. Darryl Antonacci MD Facs, Dr. Laury Cuddihy and Dr. Randal Betz are in a league of their own. If anyone has any questions, concerns, worries, etc. (especially the kids) please let us know. You can do it! It’s remarkable what these fine doctors can do!

Chris (Father of patients)

Surfing After Scoliosis Surgery 2
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