Do you need spine surgery?

Al C – 66 – September, 2008…

For approximately 50 years I suffered from lower back pain and lumbar spasms. As I became older the occasions and duration became more frequent and for longer periods.


I had tried everything to avoid the surgeon’s table…orthopedic, chiropractic, pain management, physical therapy, etc. Being an avid golfer and spending most of the winter in Florida and summers north there never seemed to be the right time to investigate corrective surgery.

Last January, 2008, while in Florida I awoke one morning unable to get out of bed with severe sciatic nerve pain down my right leg. This was the first time I experienced sciatica. I was unable to sleep and needed help walking. With pain controlling medication I returned north in early February.

To make a long(er) story short, I saw Dr. Antonacci on a Thursday and he operated on my lower spine the following Friday. He successfully corrected two herniated disc conditions and resolved stenosis all in the L4 and L5 areas. I woke up in recovery pain free, came home the next day and have been pain free ever since.

Following his instructions, I did not return to golf for 4 months. He also suggested Pilates as rehabilitation and I continue to attend classes. I now look forward to many more years of an active, pain free lifestyle. Dr. Antonacci, thank you for your expert care and concerned follow up.


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