Do you need spine surgery?

Alice D – 61- August, 2011…

I would like to share the experience I had with Dr. Antonacci and his staff.

About 6 years ago I had surgery for spinal stenosis. This surgery was not with Dr. Antonacci, but it was successful and I was pain free for a while.

About a year ago I started having pain in my legs, especially my thighs. I returned to my original surgeon. He sent me for an MRI. When this doctor read the MRI he said “you have a big problem, and I can’t help you.” He sent me on my way with a prescription for pain medication and feeling like I was just going to deal with this pain forever. This was unacceptable because at the time I could not even make it through Shoprite!

Fortunately I remembered the diagnosis, “spondylolisthesis”. I looked on line and found several surgeons listed. Dr. Antonacci’s credentials were impressive as were his testimonials.

During my first visit Dr. Antonacci told me exactly what he was going to do. He made me feel confident that he was more than comfortable performing this surgery.

I was closely followed during my post-op recovery. There was always someone to answer questions and to be encouraging.

Dr. Antonacci, Dr. Cuddihy and Joel — I thank you. Now I cannot only make it through Shoprite, I can do the mall several times over.

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