Do you need spine surgery?

Allison L – 45 – November, 2009…

After being involved in a car accident this past June in which the other driver ran his stop sign, I began experiencing pain radiating down my right arm into my hand. This was followed by a persistent tingling sensation and, eventually, numbness. Within a month the numbness was occurring in my left arm and hand as well, and I had lost most of the ability to control the functions of both hands.

I returned to the orthopedist I had seen directly after the accident, who referred me to a cervical surgeon. Although he seemed competent enough, I did not feel that he was a good match for me. I did not get the impression that he understood what I was experiencing. I began looking for a second opinion.

A friend of mine recommended Dr. Antonacci’s office. I contacted them and was given an appointment quickly. By this time I was constantly dropping things, and my quality of life had deteriorated. I could no longer enjoy anything because of the constant pain.

Dr. Antonacci gave me the respect and consideration I felt I needed to get me through this. He patiently answered all my questions, was thorough in his explanations of what the surgery would entail, and was patient with my nervousness and panicky tears (after all, this was my NECK!). He was honest in his expectations as well as the risk, and knew that I would get worse if I didn’t address the problem soon. (He was right—one day not long before the surgery was scheduled, the numbness began in my right leg and I fell on the sidewalk.)

The day of the surgery his calm demeanor soothed my out of control nerves. While I was in recovery he found my partner in the waiting room, showed her the pictures of my new neck hardware, and explained everything that would be coming up for me—the recovery process, pain management, recuperation time, etc. As it was, I was able to go home the next day! My follow-up visit was an extension of the personalized care I had been given throughout this ordeal. Dr. Antonacci, Joel, and everyone else were always there for me. Thank you!!!

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