Do you need spine surgery?

Ashley J – 22 – September, 2008…

Words can’t describe how wonderful I feel since I had my surgery and how pleased I am with the outcome. I had a 2 level fusion at L4-5 and L5-S1 and 2 genetic deformities corrected — one in the SI joints and one in the facets. Although I am only 6 months out from the surgery, my quality of life continues to improve daily. Every day I am amazed by the little things I am able to do that I wasn’t capable of doing prior to the surgery.


Dr. Antonacci did not jump into performing surgery on me. He exhausted every other option first. I went through nine months of extensive diagnostic testing with an excellent pain management doctor. Only when it was determined that surgery was my only option did Dr. Antonacci decide that surgery was necessary to correct the problems with my back. I am so grateful that Dr. Antonacci took his time and didn’t rush into operating on me.

I think it is so important that there be a very good doctor/patient relationship. Dr. Antonacci always answered all of my questions as well as my parent’s questions. I have also found him to be a very compassionate doctor in his own quiet way. Another person who should be mentioned here is Dr. Antonacci’s Assistant, Chris. She has also been so helpful in getting messages to Dr. Antonacci, and although she is so overwhelmed with work, she will always, with a smile in her voice, help you with whatever problem you may have. It is so comforting to know that I can count on my doctor, as well as his staff, for anything that concerns me regarding the surgery I had.

Like I said, I am 6 months out from the surgery and feeling really good. I basically had no life prior to the surgery (that is how much pain I was in). I am now about 80% pain free. I have regained an enormous amount of movement so that I am able to touch my toes and bend backwards more then I need to for daily activities. I believe that I can get more movement then I have now. My Physical Therapist said that I have more movement then most people get after this surgery, but that could be due to the fact that I did gymnastics for years.

I know that the pain is slowly going away. Everyday it is less and less. One day in the near future I am sure I will wake up and the pain will be gone. So every day I thank God for letting me find Dr. Antonacci.

Since I have scoliosis as well, I know I will be seeing Dr. Antonacci for years to come. Believe me I am not unhappy about seeing him. I just wish I didn’t have the scoliosis. However, when I think about this experience it makes me want to cry since never in a million years did I think I would ever have a doctor care about me as much as Dr. Antonacci and the other doctors involved in my treatment. Therefore, I know my care will always be in good hands with Dr. Antonacci.

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