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Barbara W – 49 – April, 2011…

Relief! Relief is all I can say now that my surgery and pain are both finally behind me.

As a child I developed scoliosis and at the age of fourteen I had corrective surgery. Like many scoliosis patients in the 1970’s I had spinal fusion and a Harrington Rod placed, then wore a body cast for 9 months, a time in my life I will never forget. Thirty years and two children later my back was broken again! I started with pain down my legs, and then to my lower back. The pain continued to worsen, so about 6 years ago I started to look for medical treatment, surgery in my mind was not an option, and it terrified me. From every doctor, all I heard was long surgery, long recovery, bracing and after all that, not sure if I would be pain free. With two children and working I decided to put my back problems on hold and continue to suffer. My pain continued. It was difficult for me to get through a 12 hour shift at work, go shopping with my girls, garden, or exercise anymore.

The pain was taking over my life and affecting the way I was walking. So July of 2010 I started my research again to find someone who could relieve my pain and comfort my fears. I met with Dr. Antonacci first and immediately felt so comfortable with him, almost too good to be true. Of course I went for a second and even third opinion, there was no doubt that I was making the right decision when I chose Dr. Antonacci. He relieved many of my worries; his technique in performing the surgery appealed to me, less invasiveness definitely leads to less pain and a faster recovery, all good things.

The surgical experience was terrifying for me, but Dr. Antonacci and his Physician Assistant Joel were always quick to calm my nerves and were very reassuring. I am almost 5 months post-op now and feeling great! The day after my surgery I was out of bed walking, not well, but walking. Immediately I noticed I was standing straighter, I had discomfort from the surgery but that grueling back pain was gone. The first 2-3 weeks post-op were difficult, but each day I increased the amount I was walking and every day my surgical pain was less.

I am a Registered Nurse and I am starting back at work, (actually looking forward to working not being in pain), back to shopping with my girls and exercising. I am cautious in doing many things, but my life has improved in so many ways. I am so thankful every day I wake up pain free.

The entire experience over the last 6 months has been hassle free. From my first appointment where Chris had to help me get all my x-rays completed, to all my paper work and disability forms, everything was done quickly and efficiently.

I was extremely nervous to have this surgery, but with the right Doctor it is so worth it!

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