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Beth L – 49 – March 2013…

I just needed to express my gratitude to Dr. Antonacci and his staff for changing my life!

I never expected to hear from anyone after filling out the questionnaire on his website, back in March 2012, and when I did the next day, I was excited and scared! The pain I had for the last 10 years had become unbearable! At 47 years old, I could not walk the mall without sitting down to relieve the pain. I had been diagnosed with scoliosis in 5th grade. Unfortunately, I went through a body cast, lifts in my shoe and the dreaded brace…in high school! At the age of 18, I was done with it all.


Flash forward and here I am with two athletic sons and a great husband. I cannot keep up because of the pain, although I tried! I did the Google search for scoliosis surgeons and Dr. Antonacci was the first one to come up. I live in Central PA and wasn’t sure if my husband would be up to the travel. He was, and I scheduled my first appointment!

I had to get the current x-ray before I saw him and I was so surprised at how they looked! After seeing Dr. Antonacci and him telling me my curve was at 58 degrees things went quickly! My surgery was scheduled with the importance of being able to make my son’s first football game of the year in Kentucky!

I met all the important “other people” in his crew… Joel, Dr. Cuddihy, and Allison along with Chris and Michele! Needless to say, there is not one more important than the other! (Although, I thought Joel would have his number changed post surgery when I was at home!)

I just have to say, my life has changed for the best! I can now walk long distances without the nagging pain and sleep well at night! My clothes fit great, with no un-evenness, and my hips are straight! I also got rid of the hump that had formed on my left side due to the curve.

I will be heading back to see Dr. Antonacci in May for my one year appointment, and hopefully he will be as happy as I am!!

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart!!

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