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Charon K – 40 – March, 2009…

Dear Dr. Antonacci:

The intention of my letter today is to deeply and sincerely express my gratitude for the many, many ways you and your staff have assisted, cared, and supported me and my family with my spinal cord injury.

I have come to learn that many other patients experience many of the frustrations I have experienced in getting proper healthcare. Since my work accident, I have encountered endless minutes, hours, and days in constant pain in my neck, shoulder, right arm, entire back and an “endless severe burning sensation” in my left leg. I have experienced a workers comp system that continuously denies testing, thus making it impossible for physicians to properly diagnose a patient upon onset. I have experienced physicians who have told me that I didn’t need surgery, although since the day of the accident, I was very confident there was something very seriously wrong and unfortunately, was faced with the possibility of being permanently disabled. Then we found you and your very dedicated team…

In August of ’08, upon making first contact with your office, I was so very, very scared, because at that time I still did not have a diagnosis or treatment plan from an accident that occurred in March ’07. I was so very, very pleased at the professionalism and kindness I received. Approximately 2 weeks later, my husband and I had our first opportunity to meet you. We were afraid, nervous, confused, unhappy, etc., as my “injury” had now negatively affected every aspect of our lives. I was spiraling towards a deep depression and I was wondering if “pain” was going to be with me every minute for the rest of my life. Our initial consultation with you couldn’t have gone better. You listened, you took the time to answer all of our questions, you were direct with your responses, but “kind and caring” in the delivery. We left your office with such confidence that you were the right physician for us. Within weeks, we had a proper diagnosis, treatment plan, and finally restored hope!

It is now Feb ’09 and since, you did the work, you know I’ve had 2 surgeries “back to back” (anterior cervical discectomy-C5-C6- Sept ’08) and (posterior thoracic discectomy-T10-T11- Dec ’08.) My symptoms have improved greatly since the surgeries. The “burning nerve sensation” lessened immediately in my left thigh, which I was very optimistic to hear was tremendous news. I know I have to learn a lesson or two to learn in patience and that there is a “long road to recovery,” ahead but I am confident my treatment plan is fully supported by a committed team effort. I have restored faith for my both my health and my future.

Dr. Antonacci, it is with such great gratitude that I mention the following staff members by name because each of them have also positively effected my life and the life of my family in ways they can’t even imagine. They are, in no particular order, of course, you, Joel, Alec, Chris G., Hana, Danielle, Chris B., and Chris P. I am also convinced there are many more support team members “behind the scenes,” that I haven’t had the pleasure of dealing with. When the pain is so great, patients like me, need even the simplest of tasks to go well. Your staff goes above and beyond to accommodate, support, care, and provide the level of healthcare every patient expects, but finally I was so very, very pleased and grateful to find in you and your practice. You all make a difference in people’s lives far beyond what you are aware of. It would be my pleasure and privilege to speak to anyone who might be considering their surgical options. I assure you, they should look no further.

On behalf of my husband, Stephen, my sons, Brendan and Gregory, and myself, we sincerely thank you for giving us a chance at a “restored quality of life.” It means the world to our family. You are truly a “lifesaver.”


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