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Claire G – 80 – February 2012…

As a patient of yours, who had spinal Stenosis and problems with my legs and pain constantly radiating down making my life pretty miserable – and unable to walk without pain, I am so glad to tell you that your surgery changed my life.

I was unable to stand long enough to put together a simple dinner or do any household chores. I had all the spinal injections my body could tolerate – surgery was the only answer.

At 80 years old my family was very concerned that a long surgery was not good for my health, and my first consultation, MRI and x-rays, etc., indicated a long surgery-fusion and a long recuperation. (I already had hip and knee replacements.)

Having several doctors in the immediate family, they wanted me to go to New York City and get the best doctor. I have an elderly husband, 87 years old, live in the Princeton area, and I wanted to be close by. Through a note in our community newsletter, I came across a former patient (recovering) and called her. She and her husband had had surgeries for back problems with a surgeon (Dr. Antonacci) who was from New York City, specialized in spinal problems and also operated at Princeton Hospital.

(My son did not like the other back doctor who had recommended 3 – 4 hours of surgery.) He came along for my first consultation with Dr. Antonacci. He and my husband were very impressed with the visit, the explanation and his plans for me and the surgery he proposed (1 hour vs. 3 – 4 hours, etc.,) and was well recommended by the research they all did. I too felt I trusted that I was in good hands; and we were able to set a date, not too far away, at the Princeton Medical Center.

I conferred with my other orthopaedic surgeon, and my cardiologist and internist too. We proceeded to do all the necessary tests, etc., prior to the surgery. It was smooth; someone was there to see to my needs all the time: Dr. Antonacci, my internist, and of course Joel. All went well and I am, almost a year later, able to lead a normal life. (2 months later I had my left hip replaced.)

I have days that are not as good as I would like, but I do pretty much what I want to do and am very happy I had the surgery. My pain was relieved almost immediately.

Thank you so much.

P. S. I do the Pilates every day and walk 30-40 minutes on nice days (with a cane).

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