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Claire M – 72 – October, 2010…

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the successful surgery and treatment for my mother, Claire. As you are well aware, my mother came to your office seeking relief from her spinal stenosis and scoliosis almost two years ago. While caring for my mother and assisting her in seeking the right medical professional, I must say that your work, your staff and professionalism have netted another great success story that you may add to the list of many great surgeries you have and will continue to perform for patients in need.

You have successfully restored my mother’s quality of life by eliminating the terrible pain that she had. The pain was degenerative and was certainly not getting any better by the time we decided to seek your opinion. I am certain that you understand the need for several medical opinions before committing to such an involved piece of surgery. Upon our second consultation with you, we decided that you were the doctor to help her. Many other opinions that were sought left my mother and I feeling hopeless upon leaving other doctors offices.

I have seen the benefits of your work and encourage anyone who is seeking an opinion from your practice to read this letter before leaving your office. I am sure that they will find your demeanor, understanding of the diseases of the back and the friendly staff, proof enough that your practice is, by far, the best in the area when it comes to reconstructive back surgery.

Again, I thank you for restoring the quality of life to my mother’s life and hope that your practice continues to grow and be successful while you do what doctors are supposed to do: help people to improve their condition while restoring a patients quality of life.

Respectfully, Colin M., Son of Claire)

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