Dick O – 75 – October 2008…

I am a most appreciative patient of Dr. Antonacci, and at age 75 have, perhaps, a slightly different perspective than many of his other patients. Earlier this week I saw Dr. Antonacci in his office in New York for a follow up after surgery at the end of last year. I was armed with X Rays, which he examined and determined to be indicative of a sound recuperation. When he inquired as to how I was feeling, my response was that I feel better and am more pain free than I’ve been in years.

Until he asked me, I frankly didn’t realize just how good I feel! I’m pain free, am recovering my flexibility, and playing lots of golf again. Unfortunately, I’m not hitting the ball as far as I used to, but I can’t blame that on him.

In any event, I’ve had back pain for over 30 years, and had disc surgery back in 1977 or 1978. None of this, as those of us with back pain are aware, gives us a good back — it only removes the source of pain. I was diagnosed last year with severe stenosis, and after several epidural treatments, was told that I was a candidate for surgery. I saw Dr. Antonacci in his office, and less than a week later went in to Lenox Hill Hospital for surgery. By the end of that week I was home.

An unforeseen complication slowed my recovery, unfortunately, but now, some 10 months after surgery, I feel brand new, and have for some time. As mentioned, I’m totally free from pain, have regained most flexibility, and have long been back at work and on the golf course again. My recovery is certainly testimony to Dr. Antonacci’s skill as a surgeon. In addition, I found him to be attentive and concerned, with a comfortable and open bedside manner. Nobody likes to have surgery, but if you need it for an orthopedic problem, he is indeed, THE MAN!


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