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Dolores P – 71 – June, 2010…

Have you ever not been able to find the right words to thank someone for their help? That’s how I feel about Dr. Antonacci. He took away neck & head pain accompanied by sick headaches that lasted over a year. I worked with an ice pack around my neck and was on so many medications I really can’t remember them all. That’s all in the past since Dr. A did an anterior cervical disectomy. I’m able to live a normal life again! Something I didn’t think would happen again.

Joel, his assistant is just wonderful, very caring and truly concerned with your questions. The office staff is professional and friendly. I never waited long periods of time for my appointments and we all know what a rare thing that is these days.

So Dr. A, thank you, thank you, for giving me back my life. God Bless You. I would highly recommend you to anyone.

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