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Dr. Neil P – 40 – September, 2008…

As an Anesthesiologist, I was looking for a surgeon who could perform the correct operation for my lumbar disc problem with great technical skill. As a patient, I was looking for a surgeon who would explain my treatment options in a way that I could understand as if I were a lay person. A surgeon who would answer all my questions thoroughly, both preop and postop. And most importantly, a surgeon who instilled me with trust and confidence. I feel blessed to have found all of this and more in Dr. Antonacci.

When I met Dr. Antonacci, he was very sympathetic to the agony I’d been feeling for almost a year. He explained his opinion in a way that made sense and made me feel comfortable. After my surgery, Dr. Antonacci was very available to address all of my concerns. And as a bonus, his support staff both in the hospital and office are very caring and competent.

In under 2 months after my lumbar fusion, I was able to walk up to 2 — 3 miles a day without limping anymore. This was something I couldn’t have imagined. I’m indebted to Dr. Antonacci for relieving my suffering and wouldn’t hesitate to refer any patient to him.

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