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Dr. Suresh S – 70 – November, 2009…

When I went to see Dr. Antonacci for a “second” opinion, I expected a cursory tour of my past medical history and the inevitable recommendation for spinal surgery ASAP. The truth of the matter was that Dr. Antonacci was not my second opinion, or even my third.


I had lived with chronic back pain for years that slowly progressed to be cumbersome and limiting to my normal activities. I had seen orthopods, neurosurgeons, sports medicine and rehab doctors in the past. I had repeated imaging studies, physical therapy sessions, and steroid injections. All of them came to the same conclusion: I needed surgical intervention to remedy my condition. I should probably mention that I am a physician practicing in the Princeton community for over 30 years. These practioners were my colleagues and contemporaries. I made informed decisions to see every one of them. I had opportunities to discuss my options with several surgeons, and ultimately I chose Dr. Antonacci to perform my surgery because I believed in him and his ability to fix my problem.

I walked into his office that day expecting the same discussion I had had with other surgeons. What went on was entirely different. He asked me pointed questions about my limitations, about my pain progression, what I could and what I could no longer do. He asked me what my understanding was of my disease and what I thought was the next step in improving current condition. He then went on and illustrated through my imaging studies and models on hand, what the pathology was in my spine and how he planned to fix them surgically. He was patient and knowledgeable as well as confident that he could perform what needed to be done. I knew then that he was the surgeon for me.

When asked to write a testimonial, I wholeheartedly agreed. I know that Dr. Antonacci was trained in the best spine centers in the country. I know that he currently keeps up to date in his field attending as well as lecturing about his specialty all over the country and the world. I know that he has an excellent staff, from his office support to his mid level practitioners (physician assistant). His choice in surgical centers offers the best in ancillary care and nursing care. All of these are really secondary to the fact that it is Dr. Antonacci himself that convinced me to agree to my procedure.

I am now approximately 12 weeks post surgery. My activities are so much different from where they were prior to the operation. I can walk miles without hesitation for the fear of pain. Though I am still in a rehabilitation phase, my wife and I went on a recent trip to Europe knowing that we could keep up and enjoy the sights on the tours. It is a great feeling to know that as I get older that I can still enjoy my life. I would recommend Dr. Antonacci to anyone considering surgery with out any reservations.

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