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Edward L – 77 – June, 2011…

On behalf of myself and family, I wanted to say thank you so very much for all your help last Tuesday.

My parents and I were so shook up by what we heard or lack thereof, I should say, and your attentiveness and genuine caring was a breath of fresh air.

In life’s journey it is not too often that you meet someone who is a complete stranger and guides you in the right direction. The woman who referred us to Dr. Antonacci was a god send; and equally fortunate for the second time in one day to meet you, another god send. Your calming words, taking the time to listen to us and your proactive assistance was truly amazing — and greatly appreciated!

Thank you and please thank Dr. Antonacci for his wealth of expertise that he shared with us. My entire family is so appreciative of Dr. Antonacci taking the time to see my Dad on such short notice. He is a true credit to the medical profession, totally going above and beyond.

When we entered your office we were all scared and not sure what was going on with my Dad and because of you and Dr. Antonacci, we are calm and confident that my Dad is in the best place possible concerning his care.

Please thank Chris for arranging the appointment with the Neurosurgeon for the very next day!

I will always be eternally grateful for your kindness and wonderful calming words and smile.

Thank you.

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