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Esha R – 13 – January 2015…

{This email was sent after we consulted with the patient.}

Dear Janet,

Thank you very much for your all help yesterday for loading the X-Ray, MRI and CT scans on to the computer and allowing me to talk to Dr. Randal R. Betz. It was really great help and I have got good relief after talking to Dr. Betz and you.

Special thanks to Dr. Betz, for providing time and reviewing the radiological examination records of my daughter’s Scoliosis problem. After reviewing the radiological examinations, he listened to all our concerns and questions and gave us his expertise medical opinion on the problem, surgery procedures and precautions to be taken during the surgery. In addition to medical opinion, as great human being and gentle man, he recommended me to consult Dr. Hegde, Sanjay K in India and provided me with couple of options for our queries on the treatment/surgery done from US.

It was very pleasant experience, in overall I am really satisfied with Dr. Betz medical opinion and suggestions provided and got some relief from anxiety.

I will keep you and Dr. Betz posted with updates after consulting with Dr. Hegde in India.

D Mallikarjuna Rao (Esha’s Father)

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