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Evelyn M – 62 – January 2012…

I have suffered for many years with low back pain. I have had two pinched nerves and numerous epidurals and minimal invasive surgeries. In 2007, one of the pinched nerves was so bad I ended up having a spinal fusion on L4 and L5. It was good for about six months when the pain reoccurred. I went back to a pain management doctor and started having epidurals again to keep me at bay. After a while they stopped helping and I knew I needed something more.

I started looking for a doctor who could help me. I went to three different surgeons, but wasn’t happy with them. Then I was fortunate to have met a patient of Dr. Antonacci, who highly recommended I see him. At my first visit, he explained I had spondyllolisthesis and severe spinal stenosis. He was very confident he could help me have a better quality of life. Dr. Antonacci was very understanding and compassionate to all my apprehensions and concerns about having another surgery. (The first spinal fusion in 2007 was not a pleasant experience.) I felt so good about him and Dr. Cuddihy, I booked the surgery the same day. Dr. Antonacci’s method of doing this surgery is much different than my first one. He assured me my recovery would be much easier, safer, and I would walk straight when I get better.

I had my surgery October 21, 2011, and in two days I was home and didn’t need a walker. Fortunately, I never got sick and was out doing errands in about three weeks, with my husband driving, just like he said. I’m amazed how different the two surgeries were. I’m still recovering. It takes a long time, but I’m able to get around and drive, with only a small amount of pain compared to before.

I can’t thank Dr. Antonacci, Dr. Cuddihy, Allison, Joel, Chris and Michele enough for all their support and care I have received. They are truly wonderful, very caring and professional people. I feel very blessed to have found the perfect team.

Very truly yours,

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