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Faith N – 53 – April 2012…

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you, especially Dr. Antonacci, for giving me my life back. I also want to thank your entire staff for the professional and kind manner in which they treated me each and every time I visited your office, from the front office with Chris, to Alison who made me feel at ease in the treatment rooms and showed me exercises to strengthen my core, and Joel who called me while I was in the hospital and when I went home, to see how I was doing.

My story: I am a 53 year old female. I was very active with a gym membership. I was an avid walker, and I enjoyed hiking, horseback riding, vacationing and shopping. I felt as though I was healthy and enjoyed outdoor activities.

I have had occasional backaches and have seen a chiropractor for the past 10 years for wellness adjustments, or help with aches and pains in the lower back area.

In July 2011, I woke to something totally different. I couldn’t walk two minutes without stopping to relieve the pain in my back that shot straight down my leg. I didn’t know what had happened or what I had done to create this pain. I immediately went to my chiropractor to see if it could be worked out. It did help for a while, but then it got progressively worse. The pain in my leg was so bad I couldn’t sleep at night. I stopped exercising, and just about every other activity. If friends were going somewhere that I had to walk, I declined their invitations. I couldn’t take stairs any longer. I was dropped at entrances anywhere I visited. I felt like a burden, always asking others to wait while I rested or had to stop to relieve the pain. I couldn’t do anything I used to do. My whole life turned upside down, and I really was depressed and thought my life was over. I really thought I would be in a wheel chair eventually. The pain was always there, and it really started affecting my personality, the people around me, my weight and my overall health.

After four months my chiropractor released me and said there is nothing more he could do for me. He gave me a name of another doctor he felt may be able to help.

I went to Dr. Petershon (Pain Management) who first had me on steroids. This did not help with the pain at all. Next he tried direct steroids into the spine via needles in the back. Again, this did not help at all. I was also taking pain medicine, which really did not help either. Dr. Petershon advised me he didn’t think he would be able to help me anymore and advised I go see Dr. Antonacci.

Dr. Antonacci was my second spine specialist I had seen. The first spine doctor did not impress me and seemed disinterested in my case. Dr. Antonacci explained what I was going on with my spine and why I was in so much pain. He was very thorough in his explanation, but once he started talking about surgery, I was scared and doubtful. I had always said I would not get back surgery as I had seen others with back problems which never seemed to go away. I spoke to Alison, and she eased my mind tremendously. I also began to read the testimonials available in the office waiting room and on-line. I decided to have the surgery and thank god I did.

Today I am pain free. I have my life back, and I have Dr. Antonacci and his wonderful staff to thank for this. Throughout my daily life I have people asking and actually amazed at my recovery. I get comments on the slight bounce to my step compared to the slow, awkward limp I had before my surgery. I would and already have recommended Dr. Antonacci, and your wonderful staff in making my life worth living again. I wish you all the best in life!


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