Do you need spine surgery?

Gary M – 54 – September, 2008…

About 2001 I decided to smarten up my property. Several days later there was back pain radiating down my leg. I went to an orthopedist and was told to begin epidural shots in my spine for pain control. I had four and then revisited the doctor. He gave me a prescription for pain. Fast forward it was now January 2007, and stupidly I lifted a TV and felt the crunch in my back. My 12 year old son had to drag me to the living room. After I could stand, 3 days later, I went for more epidurals which didn’t work.

Then the big guns…narcotics in very large doses. I put up with this until June 2007, then I went for surgery at another hospital.

Twelve weeks later I had the worst sciatica and related nerve pain anyone could stand and this time I went on a morphine like drug, still no relief. So I got busy finding Dr. Antonacci. I spent weeks researching many others, made 20 phone calls easily. No one seemed to have the information I needed.

Then while hunting on the web I found the “Second Opinion Dr.” I didn’t think it would change my life, but it did…I have a life now!

I met with Dr. Antonacci and he was the most understanding, friendly, and sensible physician I had ever gone to. We talked, he examined me and I agreed to get tests. After he read the tests, he and I came to a team decision to fix my L4,L5,and S1. His efficient office did all the work. I never lifted a finger, just showed up at Lenox Hill Hospital. I went into surgery with Dr. Antonacci reassuring me that we would beat the pain for good.

I was made very comfortable, had a fantastically skilled procedure and woke up right away. I spent my recuperation time at Lenox treated for post-op pain, fed well, catered to, and watched very carefully by Dr. Antonacci, and his marvelous staff. He promised me that by a certain time I would feel good again.

Within one week of his stated recoup time it happened. I felt great.. I danced with my wife, walked with my son, and began to ride my bicycle.

Today, 7 months after surgery, I ride 24-30 miles a week, if it wasn’t for meeting my favorite doctor, I would still have no quality of life.

If you are reading this just know that you’ve finally found hope in the form of a tremendously skilled surgeon who happens to be a great guy!

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