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Gerard L – 49 – January, 2009…

Hi, my name is Gerard and I began working at a very young age. All of the jobs involved heavy lifting or,standing long periods of times and bouncing around trucks and driving heavy equipment. At age 47 I finally could not walk, that was October of 2007. After several doctors, therapist, herbalist, priest, and just about everyone I know giving friendly advise, my sister had called and said her neck operation was a success, and that Dr. Antonacci was great.

So I made the appointment and went in April 2008. Upon arrival to the new York office,I knew this was a good move. After meeting with Dr Antonacci, he explained everything in a way that I not only understood but was very comfortable with it. After all the tests, he determined I needed a minimally invasive L5-S1 fusion. So August 1st we did it. It is know December 15th, and not only my family and friends,but people who have not sen me since the operation cannot believe the change in me.

I’am actually standing up straight. I can walk,sit, and stand. My face looks ten years younger (that’s a stretch). So I’am writing…

Thank You, Dr M.Darryl Antonacci, for making me feel like a new man. I believe because of your knowledge, experience, surgical skills,and your concern for people I feel great and I’am getting better every day. I would recommend anyone and everyone to Dr. Antonacci, not only for the above but also for his deep dedication, kindness, humility and his insight for each individual’s needs. He also has a very professional and kind staff that reflects his demeanor. Our family pediatrician just told us that our 16 year old daughter has a slight touch of scoliosis, there is no doubt she will be seeing Dr Antonacci, because to me Dr Antonacci is, what I call an ultimate professional.


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