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Gianna P – 14 – February 2013…

I am a 14-year old girl who was first seen By Dr. Antonacci in October of 2011 for scoliosis. Regular x-rays showed that my thoracic curve was gradually getting worse, and in February of 2012 x-rays showed that my thoracic curve was now at 42 degrees. The pain that I felt at this time was centered around my left shoulder blade.


Dr. Antonacci recommended spine correction surgery for me especially since I was not done growing. I thought that I had time to get used to the idea and that we could plan to have the surgery in the summer of 2013, but this was not to be. My November x-rays showed that a second curve in my lumbar spine was getting worse, currently a 38 degree curve. We came to the conclusion that I was going to need surgery as soon as possible. I was pretty scared after hearing this news.

Dr. Antonacci and Dr. Cuddihy eased my worries and my mom’s too, and they seemed genuinely concerned for me. I had been assured the surgery would be successful, my quality of life would improve, and I would get through it, and I did! I had my surgery on December 14, 2012. My rods are almost 14 inches long, going from T4 to L2. It is now 2 months later, and I feel great!  Having the surgery over my Christmas break from school worked out really well for making up my schoolwork. I returned to school to take my semester exams on January 14, 2013, exactly a month after my surgery. The next week I returned to school as a full-time student.

We couldn’t have gone to a better doctor for everything to work out this well. Now I am looking forward to my June appointment when I will be cleared for most activities. At this point, I don’t have pain, but I do have numbness in my hip area on both sides. Dr. told me this was temporary and that I need more time for healing.

This has been the most serious medical procedure ever in my whole family. Because of the expertise of Dr. Antonacci, Dr. Cuddihy and Joel, I have such confidence to recommend Institute for Spine & Scoliosis to anyone who might be in need of back surgery.

My daughter, Gianna, had her spine correction surgery on December 14, 2012. I just wanted to add a thought or two to her testimonial. I was so grateful for the post-surgery contact while Gianna was in the hospital and especially during the first two days at home.

It was so very important for me to communicate with Joel during the first 24 hours at home until her medication dosage and schedule got worked out. After day one Joel was still available for questions and checked in with me at least on two other occasions relating to less urgent issues. Because of his accessibility, I could do more to improve my daughter’s overall comfort level.

I am extremely in awe of the level of expertise of Dr. Antonacci, Dr. Cuddihy and Joel. Michelle and Chris are always so very upbeat and helpful when I call for whatever reason. You all have been so wonderful to Gianna and me, and I am so very grateful for everything.

Gianna now has a straight spine and her future looks very bright and healthy. Thanks to you all!

Sincerely yours, Susan (mother of Gianna)

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