Do you need spine surgery?

Herb S – 83 – July 2012…

From the bottom of my heart, permit me to say “Thank You” for giving me a renewed quality of life.

I have lived with lower back pain for many years, and for at least twenty years have been attended to by “pain management physicians”. Many times I had received considerable relief through their use of “facet block” injections; however, the debilitating pain always returned, often far worse than the prior injections.

My decision to go with spinal Stenosis surgery occurred when I could not walk from my home to the nearby corner and back without crippling pain.

I was led to you by a friend in Florida (Stan) who urged me to contact you to discuss my medical situation. The rest is history.

Following preliminary examinations I checked into the Princeton Hospital at Plainsboro on June 1st. After undergoing surgery I awoke about noontime, had lunch and then proceeded to walk the hospital corridor unassisted and pain free for the first time in years! The following day I went home.

This past week the nurse in my community said that the incision had healed “beautifully” (her words), and said I may go swimming. I am now swimming laps on a daily basis.

Again, thank you, thank you.

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