Do you need spine surgery?

Ignatia F – 78 – October 2012…

Dear Dr. Antonacci,

I am a 78 year old woman who developed spinal Stenosis at L 4 and 5. I did have physical therapy to help with the back pain, and it did help for a few years.

In May of this year I started to get pain and numbness in both my feet when walking less than 100 feet. I could not stand to cook or wash dishes for more than 3 – 5 minutes. I would have to stop and sit before I could continue.

I was referred to you by my primary physician, Dr. Maria Ramos. When I showed you the MRI you stated I would need surgery to repair the deformity at L 4 and 5.

Surgery was performed on July 30, 2012, and I was up and walking the next day without pain or numbness in my feet.

Progress and improvement has continued and as of this date I don’t even think about my post operative site. I can reach without any difficulty or pain.

I have had a successful surgery and am a happy person.



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