Do you need spine surgery?

Jessica W – 15 – January, 2009…

I know most of Dr. Antonacci’s patients come to him having already been told they need spinal surgery and they are hoping that he will tell them otherwise. Well, me and my Mom were the complete opposite.


We had been told time and time again that I did not need spinal surgery and that my (95 degree) kyphosis curve could be fixed with physical therapy. We weren’t buying it. We found Dr. Antonacci thanks to the internet. We made an appointment with him in his Manhattan, NYC office in March, 2008. I can’t even tell you how excited we were to meet him. I will never forget the first thing he ever said to me. He had already seen my x-rays and he knew that he would do my spinal fusion before he even saw my face. He said to me “How tall are you?” and I told him 5’4″, he said, “You WILL be taller”.

I know this is a testimonial about how AMAZING Dr. Antonacci is but I can’t really put words to it. I can’t even describe how I feel about him, and every time I see him I can’t even remember the questions I had for him. I couldn’t begin to tell you how generous he is (volunteering his time at Shriner’s in Philadelphia). If you are reading this you either know how great he is or WANT to know… and my advice to those looking into spinal fusion or any other spinal surgery by Dr. Antonacci is MAKE THE APPOINTMENT!! Just talk to him and you will see for yourself. You will NOT be disappointed with him, he is so confident with himself but not in a cocky-high-school-jock way. I have the highest respect for him and I think he is one of the best people in the entire world! I told you I can’t talk about him without sounding like a Kindergartner. I was told that my spinal fusion would take 12 hours and he did it in 4½ . So, if that doesn’t make you believe me, I don’t think I can convince you to see him.

He is one of the most amazing surgeons I have ever heard of, let alone met…. You probably know, you’ve probably seen the pages and pages of acknowledgements he has. Honestly, seeing him was the best decision me and my Mom ever made. Just make the appointment would you!?

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