Do you need spine surgery?

Joan J – 61 – February 2012…

I found out I had Scoliosis at age 11 after climbing up and down flights of steps making a Novena to Saint Jude in New Orleans. My younger sister, Judy, walking behind me exclaimed, “There is something wrong with Joan’s back.”

I had hair that hung to my waist. It was so thick it covered my hump most of the time. My mother was afraid of operations so she said no to the doctors. She later resented it when she found out people were making fun of me at school.

Most of my life I arranged my long hair or clothing to cover it. I was a runner, RA put a stop to that. By the grace of God I lived a decent life, raised a family; worked 40 years and have been retired 10 years.

The rest of my days, until meeting Dr.Antonacci, I had no hope regarding my spine and all the pain in my legs. He straightened my lower lumbar spine (I was humped over), got rid of the pain and he fixed me up.

He and his staff made me feel comfortable. I had no clue about what could happen. Now after surgery, the pain is gone and I walk straight. I found him on the Web. I heard he is the best.

Thank you Dr.Antonacci, love you

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