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Joanne A – 58 – January 2012…

After suffering with severe nerve pain in my left leg for about 2 months, I had no choice but to find out what was causing such a severe and scary pain. My leg was numb and tingling at the same time. It was becoming more difficult to do daily chores, work was becoming an issue and I had to get relief soon. I had painful weakness in my left ankle and no amount of rest/medication was helping me. I was scared.


After going to a local orthopedic group and had MRI testing, I was diagnosed with “Severe Spondylosis”. I had suffered all my life with varying degrees of back/leg pain and my posture was always somehow “crooked”.

Dr. Antonacci was recommended to me (thank goodness) and he confirmed the diagnosis. Dr. Antonacci indicated that if I didn’t have the operation as soon as possible I could develop “drop foot” and really have an issue trying to walk.

In spite of all my anxiety and fears, and believe me I had a lot, Dr. Antonacci’s concern and down right assurance and confidence that he could help me won me over immediately. His soft spoken discussion with me and my husband gave us the confidence we needed to have this “spine” surgery performed. I put all my faith into Dr. Antonacci’s ability to get me walking again pain free and he did just that. He is a wonderful surgeon and person who is my personal “angel”.

On Friday May 20, 2011 Dr. Antonacci performed the surgery at Princeton Medical Center. The hospital and staff were so caring and attentive to me. I cannot thank them enough for how I was treated and cared for.

A special thanks goes to Joel who was instrumental in this period of my life. He was always available to immediately take our calls, or called back within minutes. He is a wonderful person that guided us through the days prior to and after my surgery answering any and all questions or concerns. Thankfully I did not have many concerns at all.

Thanks again to Dr. Antonacci and his staff.

Your grateful patient,

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