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John C – September, 2008…

My name is John C.and I have 22 years in the NYPD. I was involved in 2 vehicular accidents within four months of each other in 2005. My life began to change. Suddenly, I had pain that ran through my neck in to my arms along with numbness and tingling. I was now hardly able to lift heavy equipment while working. After long hours on the job, I would come home in excruciating pain. Now the job that I loved was becoming a burden. There were some nights where the pain was so bad that I could not sleep. Yard work that I used to enjoy doing left me in pain for days after.


I was seen by Dr. Antonacci in August 2007. Spinal Stenosis and nerve truncation at multiple levels within my cervical region was his diagnosis. Surgery was recommended. I deliberated with myself and my family for almost a year before finally deciding to do the surgery. Dr. Antonacci spent a lot of time explaining the procedure gaining my confidence that surgery was the answer to my pain.

On August 15, 2008 I had a cervical discectomy and fusion of 3 levels in my neck at Lenox Hill Hospital in NYC. I was a nervous wreck. Before even seeing Dr. Antonacci that morning, the nursing staff all praised him for his work. Dr. Antonacci again explained to my wife and I exactly what he would be doing and approximately when he would be done. The surgery went well and as planned. That evening I was really groggy and out of it. On Saturday morning, I was able to get up and walk around the hallway of the hospital. I was worried that my throat would keep me from being able to swallow or talk. To my surprise, I really didn’t have any problems doing either. Sunday morning, I was released from the hospital with a cervical collar.

Each day into week, I make more progress then I had ever imagined. After one week, I had no more pain in my arms. The numbness was gone. I was able to take short walks around my block. After two weeks, I went to my appointment with Dr. Antonacci. I was able to stop wearing the cervical collar and begin doing small movements to my neck. Four weeks later, I have more range of motion in my neck and have started physical therapy.

I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Antonacci and his staff at the NY office. They are extremely professional and caring. I am recovering quicker than I had ever thought possible. I would recommend Dr. Antonacci to anyone who is experiencing neck or back pain. He has really made a big difference for me. Thank you!

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