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Julianne H – 16 – May 2013…

In April, 2012, Dr. Antonacci and his team changed the way I live. I had scoliosis correctional surgery for my 47° curve.


I was diagnosed when I was 5 years old by my pediatrician. I went to an orthopedic every 6 months just to watch it, but when my back curved 9° between two appointments, I was told to be fitted for a brace. I wore it 23 hours a day, which was hard considering I had field hockey practices and games constantly.

This is when I found Dr. Antonacci and the wonderful staff at The Institute for Spine & Scoliosis in Princeton, NJ. The brace ended up not helping so much, so we decided it was not needed anymore.

That August of 2012, we were thinking about going with the stapling surgery, but I got too scared and kept pushing it off. Eventually, I was not a candidate for that surgery anymore. We had to find a new way to handle this.


It was then the beginning of April, and I needed to make a decision. We decided that I would undergo a surgery using rods and screws to straighten my spine. Dr. Antonacci told me that there was a spot for this surgery on April 30. I was mortified, but I knew I had no other choice. So, I got the surgery later that month. I don’t remember much of my hospital stay, but I do know that I stayed for 5 days, and that I was already up and walking the day after the operation. Unfortunately, I couldn’t play field hockey that fall, but it was definitely worth it.

It is now a year later and my curve is about 5°. I am currently training for next field hockey season, and I’ve never felt better!

I can’t thank Dr. Antonacci and his team enough for their dedication, skill, hard work, and most importantly, their kindness. I would recommend them to anyone considering this kind of surgery, or any surgery for that matter. I don’t think it’s possible for me to have better results than I do!

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