Do you need spine surgery?

Julie W – 35 – May 2012…

Dr. Antonacci,

Words simply cannot describe the care, dedication and support I received from you and your staff.


I had scoliosis for as long as I can remember, but in 2003 at 27 years old, I developed narcolepsy. I would fall asleep anytime, anywhere, whether I was talking on the phone, or standing folding laundry. This led to multiple falls, usually with me landing on a hard concrete surface.

After I received treatment for the narcolepsy, the damage that had been done to my spine was irreversible. I was hunched forward and my right side was completely caved in; my ribs were pushing into my pelvis. It was difficult to walk more than ten feet, not just due to the pain, but I could not breathe.

I was working for a primary care physician in Bucks County since I was 17. I knew when the results of my MRI came in that the road ahead of me was long. I was referred to a local orthopedic surgeon who then referred me to another in Philadelphia. I got the impression that either they did not understand my case, did not know what treatment I needed, or that my injuries were just too complicated because all of my appointments ended with me being referred to another specialist!

After weeks of getting nowhere, and my symptoms becoming unbearable, I went on the Internet and found Dr. Antonacci’s homepage; I began reading the patients testimonials. For the first time in months I actually felt relieved, hopeful and excited to set up my appointment.

I came to Dr. Antonacci with a 60 Degree plus kypho-scoliosis, multiple herniated disks in the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine, nerve damage, Stenosis, Kyphosis, and Spondylolithesis. At my first appointment, he had reviewed my records before coming into the room and then spent a great deal of time explaining what was wrong with me. Then he went over what his plan would be, and how he would get me to stand straight again. Something I did not believe could be done, until I met him. He was confident, yet guarded, warning me that I would need staged surgery (more than one surgery). Completely honest with everything, even up to my most recent visit!

The surgeries he has performed on me (which ended up being four different ones, each lasting around 8 hours) I truly believe only a perfectionist could do. And I found that in Dr. Antonacci he is one of a kind, and I have him to thank everyday for allowing me to have a second chance at life.

His staff works so well together. When I was at each appointment, they were so organized, never missing a report. Chris, the office manager, could be called at whatever time for anything: medical records, faxing reports and notes. She leads the office with professionalism and enthusiasm you just can’t find anywhere.

Joel, Dr. Antonacci’s Physician’s Assistant, would go thru everything with you, from setting up surgery, all of the final details prior to surgery, making sure that you were prepared, and if you had any other medical conditions that needed to be taken care of while in the hospital or special equipment, machines and braces. All of which were taken care of ahead of time and waiting in your room for you.

I also met Dr. Laury Cuddihy before my third back surgery. She is Dr. Antonacci’s associate who fit right into this team…All of them would take rotations, while in the hospital. This team of doctors and their entire staff work together to make you feel that you are their only patient.

It is so hard to write all that I had wanted to say into a brief summary. So I will say this: “I hope that you are lucky enough to find Dr. Antonacci, and have him take care of you.” Because, I believe if I would have treated by any other physician, I would not be writing this letter, or be where I am today. I know he is the best in his field, and a true miracle worker… I would trust him with any of my loved ones. I have 100% confidence, trust and faith in him.


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