Do you need spine surgery?

Kim D – 39 – September, 2008…

When I was 17 years old I had a bad ski accident. I hit a fence doing 55 miles per hour, I broke 4 ribs across my back, cracked my vertebra at L5-S1 level and pulled ligaments in my kneecap.


When I arrived to the nearest hospital the x-rays showed the damage to my ribs but luckily for me the Dr.’s there didn’t notice my cracked spine… 19 years later that accident finally caught up with me. I always had lower back pain on and off but for the past 3 years it became unbearable. I finally gave up with dealing with the pain and made an appointment with my family Dr. to start figuring out what my problem was. An MRI and X-Rays revealed that I had spondylolysis. Because I always had great health I was not accustomed to the riffraff I was about to fall into. My insurance company told me I needed to do physical therapy if that did not work which of course it didn’t, I then needed to undergo 3 epidural shots in the lower back. That too, didn’t work. I was told by at least 4 back dr.s that I was either too young for surgery, to just live with the pain, or gave me a 60% chance of being better. I knew in my heart that if I continued to wait I would meet the right Dr.

My luck finally changed when I met Dr. Antonacci, a family friend referred me to him. My husband took me to his office and it didn’t take long after meeting with him that we both knew he was the right Dr.

His confidence was so reassuring, I went from being totally depressed about my current situation to thrilled to sign up for the surgery I needed. I had a minimally invasive back fusion and a cage with 4 screws put into place on May 9th of this year. I did feel an immediate difference in my back afterwards. I walked out of the hospital a day and half later by myself! Truly a miracle, I will never be able to show my appreciation enough to Dr. Antonacci for giving me my life back. Every now and then I break out into tears of joy for my new appreciated health and sense of well being.

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