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Lucy H – 14 – January 2015…

Scoliosis Testimonial: Anterior Scoliosis Correction

Lucy’s scoliosis was diagnosed in May 2014 at 52 degrees. She immediately underwent bracing and intensive schroth type therapy. Despite all the work, the curve progressed to 60 degrees within 3 months. Through the desire to avoid traditional growth-limiting surgery which is the main treatment available in the UK, her mother discovered Anterior Scoliosis Correction (ASC).

We are thrilled, from my first phone call to Janet who gave such wonderful advice, through to the skill and care provided for the surgical procedure, the team was amazing. Lucy’s curve was too stiff for the traditional treatment and so for the first time, the team combined a tether with a discectomy on 3 vertebrae. The expertise of Dr Betz and Dr. Antonacci to reduce Lucy’s curve to 16 degrees and make her rib hump barely visible was incredible. We are so thankful and believe strongly this team has given Lucy the chance of a pain-free life with a beautiful back.

(TV interview on London Live was 4 weeks post-op)

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