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Mala M – 37 – July, 2011…

Since I was diagnosed with scoliosis in my teens, I thought I would have to just live with it. But the curvature kept progressing and in my thirties it wasn’t just an unsightly deformity, which I was hiding under my clothes, it started to affect my everyday activities. At 36 I had more and more days, which turned into weeks, when I was unable to exercise, walk in the park or even do dishes standing by the sink. I was forced to skip social occasions and shun traveling or concerts, because of my back pain. It got so bad, that I decided to visit an orthopedist again after many years.

With a significant curvature of over 50 degrees both in lumbar and thoracic spine I knew what my options were, so I was not shocked when the first doctor strongly suggested surgery. After thorough research I decided to go through with it, however I did not feel comfortable with a surgeon whose experience in scoliosis was very limited.

I found Dr Antonacci via Scoliosis Research Society, where he is highly recommended as well as on many patient forums online. Already during my first visit with Dr Antonacci I knew I wanted him to perform the surgery. His experience and knowledge and his personality put me at ease, and right away I knew I was in good hands.

Dr Antonacci not only fixed my back, but gave me a whole new lease on life. At 37, just three months after the surgery I had my first professional modeling gig and I am working towards what I am sure is going to be the best shape of my life. I was off of pain medication in 3 and a half weeks and did not need any since. Today, 4 months post surgery I still have few restrictions, but I am basically self sufficient and back to walking 5 mile distances in little over an hour. Thank you very much Dr Antonacci, Dr Cuddihy, Joel and Chris from NJ office! You rock!

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