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Marilyn P – 70 – January 2012…

To say that I am grateful to my surgeon, Dr. Antonacci, for giving me a new life really doesn’t say enough. I bless him every day because every day I am able to sit, stand, run, sleep, and enjoy life once again because I am PAIN FREE! How can you really thank someone enough for that? I am 70 years old and I feel like my youth has been given back to me. That is surely a gift that deserves the ultimate praise!

A year ago I came to the Lawrenceville office after finding Dr. Antonacci’s bio on the internet. I knew I wanted an experienced NYC doctor, to perform spinal surgery, if need be. I had tried everything to avoid surgery: spinal injections, special exercises, rest, but things were just getting worse. I had been to three or four doctors in my NJ area for opinions, had x-rays and an MRI. I had even gone to a meeting of the Lazer Spine Association, for minimal invasive surgery, a kind of far out program not approved by the AMA, and not covered by my Blue Cross insurance. Dr. Antonacci was the only doctor of the many I have seen, who told me that he absolutely could help me and that my situation was very treatable. His manner was upbeat and positive, and he assured me that he had a wealth of experience in treating arthritic spinal Stenosis, and that he had performed many, many surgeries of the kind. I felt very certain, more than with all the other doctors I had consulted, that I was safe in his hands.

So, on November 4th, 2011, I entered the Medical Center at Princeton, and Dr. Antonacci performed my surgery: two laminectomies on L4 & L5 and a half on L3, removing all the arthritis and thus opening up the spinal cord canal. The next day, Nov. 5th, I was released from the hospital and went to my home. After a few weeks recovery, I could move completely free from pain.

Now that you know my story, you understand why I can assure anyone needing a doctor for spinal problems, that in choosing Dr. Darryl Antonacci, you have chosen the absolute best there is.


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