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Nicole L – 18 – August, 2009…

In October of 2007 I woke up one morning with immense pain in my lower back and unable to walk or move very well. Having played basketball and many other sports from a young age, it was crazy to find out that at 17 years old I woke up and had two herniated disks in my lumbar spine. I was in my junior year of high school; a time where I should have been going to school, searching for colleges, hanging out with friends, and having a great time. Instead I spent from October of ’07 until June of ’08 debilitated by back pain that radiated down my leg. I spent most of my time lying in bed, being that sitting and walking caused pain after only a short while and was forced to go on half day homeschooling. Every aspect of my life suffered because of my back pain and it was a very stressful time for me and my family.

I saw seven doctors, underwent three cortisone injections by a pain management specialist, and did not receive any relief. When doctors started suggesting surgery my parents and I struggled with what to do and what decision would be the right one to make. I was referred to Doctor Antonacci by a pain management specialist and my first visit with him was May of 2009. Doctor Antonacci evaluated me with a diagnosis of diskogenic back pain which he believed could be fixed with a spinal fusion at both levels. He spent as much time as needed with us to answer questions and reassure us we were making the right decision. Doctor Antonacci was extremely confident and patient with us which helped to ease our minds. I had surgery at the end of June 2009 and with the help of Doctor Antonacci and his staff at the Hospital (Joel!) it went extremely well. Writing this a little over a year since, thanks to Doctor Antonacci I have my life back, I am pain free, and I am able to go off to college! I am extremely grateful to Doctor Antonacci and I cannot thank him enough. Make the appointment — He is the best at what he does.

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