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Nisanah H – 34 – December, 2009…

Dr. M. Darryl Antonacci is highly professional and caring, and I heartedly recommend him to my friends and family. He has extensive knowledge of spine and scoliosis. The quality of care, attention to detail, customer “patient” service and professionalism of my doctor and his staff has provided me with state – of – the – art medical advice and care and I am eternally grateful.

I injured my neck, on the job, in July 2008 and got reinjured on January 21st, 2009. I am a 34 year old female with cervical spine and shoulder injuries. Neither Medical Doctors nor Chiropractors could alleviate my symptoms, which included severe pain in my neck, right shoulder, arm, and hand, numbness and pins and needles in my fingers, and muscle spasms. I had difficulty sleeping, studying, and performing most routine daily activities such as personal care, preparing meals, and riding in an automobile greatly aggravated the symptoms. My life became a vicious cycle of chronic pain and hopelessness.


After 8th months of waiting for approval from the Workman’s Compensation Carrier I was granted approval for surgery. I pondered on the decision I had to make. I asked myself over and over, “if this surgery would alleviate my pains or make things worst”? On October 26th,2009 Dr D. Antonacci performed an Anterior Arthrodesis C4-5, C5-6, Anterior cervical discectomy C4-5, C5-6, Anterior plating C4-5, C5-6, Left iliac crest bone graft and prosthetic cage placement C4-5, C5-6.

I would like to thank Dr. Antonacci for having performed a very successful surgery. Also thank everyone associated with my treatment, including Joel Gorenstein and the staff at Mount Sinai Medical Center, I was treated very well. I have received wonderful results from the surgery he performed. I have improved dramatically my pains have completely vanished, and I have much more energy and regaining my strength. My right arm strength is improving and I am essentially without pain. I no longer feel that pressure sensation in my right posterior neck. And although I know I am not completely healed yet, I have very little limitation in the range of motion in my neck.

Now I have a new beginning to look forward to being able to regain at least 99 percent of my life, like a normal person, pain and medication free. I’ll soon start college again and hope to return to work if Mount Sinai will have me once again as part of there staff.

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