Do you need spine surgery?

Noel B – 35 – August, 2007…

Working in the office all day, bar-tending part time at night, working on the house, carrying anything and being stubborn can all be reasons for my back injury. I am sure playing football and weight lifting in my past did not help my back too much either. After a year of visiting many doctors, chiropractors, surgeons and pain specialists, I met Dr. Antonacci. At this time I had been in pain for over a year causing neurological and psychological issues. I just wanted someone to tell me they could fix me.

Several surgeons just kept telling me to continue physical therapy and really never helped me in anyway. Dr. Antonacci explained to me and my wife exactly what was wrong and provided us with answers. He was professional, caring and extremely patient. He was the first doctor in over one year that we felt very trusting and comfortable with. On September 8, 2006 I had fusion on L5 S1 by Dr. Antonacci and his staff at Lenox Hill Hospital. This was my first time ever having any surgery and Dr. Antonacci and his staff were excellent.

Before surgery I was a crying zombie. Today I am back at work and going to the gym doing exercises. I still have some muscle related pain but I see a light at the end of the tunnel. Dr. Antonacci at first was just my surgeon. He has helped me and my mother who he also diagnosed correctly with a shoulder issue. Now he is not just my surgeon he is a friend for life. I would recommend him to everyone.

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