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Nola M – 66 – October, 2008…

When I first walked into Dr. Antonacci’s office I had been living with extreme back pain and leg tremors for over 4 years. I was told by my other doctors I would just have to live with it and seek pain management. I had all but given up on finding a solution and enjoying the things I loved to do. I happy to say that 2 years later and one successful spinal fusion surgery performed by Dr. Antonacci that I have my life back. I am able to play golf, travel, garden and even pick up my young grandchildren.

My experience with Dr. Antonacci and his staff was excellent. His staff are professional, competent and organized. Dr. Antonacci is one of the most compassionate and sincere doctors that I have had the pleasure of meeting. This illness was one the most traumatic and scary things me and my family have gone through and feel so thankful that my story had a happy ending.

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