Do you need spine surgery?

Norman C – 80 – January, 2009…

My hat is off to you Dr.Antonacci, thus this testimonial…In Sept. 2006,while in Barcelona, Spain; I really developed severe pain in my lower back. When my wife and I returned to the U.S., I embarked on a program to find out what was really wrong with me.


I visited several spine surgeons, who suggested facet injections, epidurals, and then radio frequency rizotomies that were done by two fine pain management doctors, but to no avail.

At age 79, I really did not want to have an invasive procedure, but the pain was only getting worse, and my quality of life went way down hill. At this point, I had to make a decision to have back surgery. After exhaustive investigation, I was advised to see, Dr. Patrick F. O’Leary, in New York City. Doctor O’Leary gave me a thorough examination, reviewed my M.R.I,s, X-rays etc and then called me a week later, and asked me to see his colleague, Dr. Antonacci, for a second opinion.

When I met with the good doctor, I found Dr. Antonacci to be quite sympathetic and he proceeded to give me two options for the surgery. At this point, because he looked young enough to be one of my sons, I asked him to play devils advocate with me. I said, if I were your father, which of the two options would you suggest. He immediately said he would suggest the smaller of the two procedures, which takes approx. one and a half hours. My gut feeling was that he was to be my surgeon… The other doctors had recommended the much larger surgery.

To make a long story short, after going through almost two years of pain and agony, he operated on me at the Lenox Hill hospital in NYC. On June 2, 2008. At this writing I am almost pain free, and walking every day for approx. 1 — 2 miles.

I am indebted to Dr. Antonacci, for giving to me an extension of my life style without the extreme back pain, and would not hesitate to refer anyone to him that needs spine surgery.


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