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Praveena P – 15 – August, 2009…

Dear Dr. Antonacci,

Prior to visiting your office, I had been deathly fearful of touching upon the topic of my spine. I was always miserable because of it, and this feeling worsened when I learned I would have to undergo a surgical procedure. However, coming to your office regularly somehow reassured me. As the day of my surgery was set and fixed and the days drew closer, I wasn’t frightened anymore, and I was able to bravely face the ordeal that awaited me.

I’m very glad I had the surgery, and I felt more confident knowing that you would be in charge, along with the many other kind and dedicated doctors who were in the operating room. I have no regrets doing the surgery, and I even enjoyed the slow, numb pain I dealt with for the first month afterwards. I was out of bed after two weeks, and after a year, I could feel the difference when I perform my daily physical activities.

You have been a great orthopedist, Dr. Antonacci, and I’m so fortunate that my mother found you online and set up an appointment for me. I would definitely recommend you if I ever come across a person in a similar situation. Thank you, Dr. Antonacci, for changing my life.

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